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Welcome to Edouard Mätzener's website. Here you'll find infos about his person, music and upcoming performances. Thank you for visiting and see you at the next event!

Sept 2017 - New Group!

I am extremely happy to join the incredible Merel Quartet! For the past 15 years, the quartet has been performing and recording a huge variety of repertoire, including some world premieres. For Alfred Brendel it is simply "one of the best".

Jul 2017 - New CD !​

I am thrilled to announce my first CD with works by Roussel, Messiaen, Satie and Stravinsky!  I am grateful to countless people, but here go just a few: Fantastic pianist Mischa Cheung, talented photographer Amélie Korzil, incredibly helpful Gestalterei and never ever tiring Samuel Meyer. Thank you so much!!!

May 2017 - Titiritero

Feb 2017 - Art on Ice

Moments from last week's performance at Art on Ice! Filling in for Daniel Hope at this show was a new, incredible experience for me and Max Richters „Recomposed“ ist quite something. Stéphane Lambiel and Deniss Vasiljevs are two breathtaking artists and their care for detail, stage presence and flawlessness is a true inspiration for a musician. Looking forward to join the Zürcher Kammerorchester again in April/May for the entire work!

Jun 2016 - Korngold Violin Concerto

Playing as a soloist with the Sinfonieorchester Basel was a great honor and one of the most memorable musical encounters I've ever had. I was baffled by the professionalism and warm-hearted attitude of the musicians of the orchestra and the stringent and sympathetic work ethic of Maestro Lorenzo Viotti. The opportunity to perform such a fine masterpiece with such fantastic musicians will forever stay in my heart.

Feb 2016 - Mozart Violin Concerto

During the last two weeks of February, I had the joy to perform Mozart's Concerto No.5 in six concerts with the Neues Zürcher Orchester and Martin Studer. It was a real treat to travel through diferent cities of Switzerland and experience new acoustics, audiences and unique moments of music in every concert.

Nov 2015 - 'Sold Out!'

Last weekend Cheibe Balagan performed at Mehrspur Musik Club in Zurich. It was a truly remarkable performance, and rumor has it that since its opening at Toni Areal, it was the first time that Mehrspur was completely sold out. Success!


I am also extremely happy that, since already a week ago, our concert at Herzbaracke with Maria and Peter Gerter is sold out too! We are looking forward to a wonderful evening filled with russian and eastern european music.

Nov 2015 - Recording Done

Throughout November I have been recording several pieces on video. It is a nearly to impossible challenge to go from the beginning to the end without major flaws and it took me many late night (or rather: early morning) sessions, countless takes and lots of ups and downs. This period reminded me how far from reality the recording world has detached itself, no matter whether in classical or popular music. But it also reminded me that playing live in front of an audience has so many other priorities than just getting the notes right. Another great thing is that I really upgraded on gear and skill. I got myself a pair of nice microphones and have obtained much more routine in audio and video pre- and postproduction. Still, I could never have done all that without my family, Hitomi and my professor Barbara who all gave their very best to support me.  Have a look at this gem by Tchaikovsky - his Valse Sentimentale, with Alex at the piano.

Jun 2015 - Summer concertos

June 2015 was both one of the most exciting and demanding months ever with three different concertos within 21 Days. The marathon started with Mendelssohn, continued with Mozart and came to its epic final with Tchaikovsky. Excerpts from the Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky are posted below. I'm thankful to many people who supported me during this fun and quite stressful time and I am proud that I've learned a bunch of new things and worked on my stage presence a lot.













Apr 2015 - Herzbaragge !

I am so happy to be part of next season’s program at Herzbaragge. This place has always been one of the most charming and at the same time mystical performance places I know. Just look at the picture, it’s gorgeous! I will join the singer Maria Gerter and her father and Bajan virtuoso Peter for a romantic journey through Russian music. This will be a must-see for everyone who looks for special performance venues and programs.



Mar 2015 - Besa

Today we were part of a beautiful exhibition that has been touring Switzerland since last year and now reached its final station in Fribourg: Besa. It portrays Albanian Muslims who, following 'Besa', took the risk of hiding more than 2000 Jewish people during World War II. Besa is an important part of the Albanian code of honor and difficult to translate, but 'keeping the promise' might come close. I highly recommend having a look:



Feb 2015 - The Band’s visit

Cheibe Balagan has done the seemingly unthinkable: taking Klezmer to Japan. Of course it was absolutely thinkable and one of the best experiences our band ever had. The audience was so attentive and gave us such an immediate feeling of appreciation that we pushed ourselves to some of our best performances so far. Here’s a video Hitomi and I did on our 12 hour flight back from Tokyo. Spoiler alert: Explosions !



Sept 2015 - Solistendiplom in Basel

After several years in Germany and in the Unitet States, I decided to return to Switzerland to complete my studies at the Music Academy in Basel with Prof. Barbara Doll. The academy is small, familiar and fun and I feel well taken care of here. The classes are well taught and the professors invited for masterclasses are not the ones you’d find at every other music academy - they remind me of little restaurants you can only find if you meet the locals.

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